Cashew : Call for Applications for ComCashew Master Training Programme (MTP) 2019

 Cashew : Call for Applications for ComCashew Master Training Programme (MTP) 2019
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The Competitive Cashew initiative (GIZ/ComCashew) and its partners have launched a call for applications for the Cashew Master Training Programme which would be held in 2019. The deadline for application for all three editions of next year’s Master Training Programme is 31st December, 2018. Admitted applicants will begin their learning journey from March 2019.

This training programme has been put in place to increase theoretical knowledge and the practical skills of African cashew experts along the value chain. Its aim is to further promote the competitiveness of the African cashew sector.

Divided into three (3) sessions for each edition, participants learn about all aspects of the cashew value chain through theoretical and practical knowledge sharing sessions. Topics treated range from production and processing of raw cashew nuts, to economics, cashew market dynamics, marketing and financing mechanisms among others.

Participants then return to their host institutions and have a multiplier effect on the cashew industry by sharing their knowledge and experiences gained from attending this tailor-made training. With over 300 cashew experts trained from over 16 African countries since 2013, the programme also provides an international networking platform for participants.

Read more about the Cashew Master Training Programme here:


How to apply:  

1. Download and fill the Application Form.

2. Send the filled Application Form to and


For further information on the programme and the application process, kindly contact the persons named above.

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